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A Disguise InnovationA Harry Winston Opus 12 Watch is one of the favorite candidates for the award. It has a slightly different design. Emanuel Bouchet conceived this collaborative piece. Opus 12's originality is not immediately apparent, unlike the other models that were considered for the award. It is an intricate timepiece with hour markers that change into minute or hour hands when the moment arises. The mechanism of the clock performs a small dance every five minutes that activates 2 of its 24 hands. Its retrograde five-minute display and small seconds subdial can show the exact time.Replica Watches This timepiece is priced at around $286,000.

Flying Tourbillons: Use your enemy's powerThe list of timepieces pre-selected in the Innovation Watch Category at the 12th Geneva Watchmaking Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches features two timepieces with a tourbillon flying complication. These are the Christophe Claret piece X-TREM-1 and the Badollet Iversse Tourbillon. The first is a truly groundbreaking timekeeper as it uses magnetism to drive its retrograde floating time display, which has hallowed steel balls placed within tubes made of sapphire. The X-TREM-1 harnesses magnetism in a unique way. It uses magnetic fields, which have been known to be detrimental to accuracy and are the enemy of watches. Magnetism has now become an integral part in a hand-wound movement, the FLY11, which features a tourbillon complication with a cage that is 30 degrees inclined to allow a better look at it. The tourbillon cage has a double ceramic bearing to increase its resilience. The caliber has two barrels to provide energy. The first barrel is used for the tourbillon while the second barrel powers the watch's unique time display. The watch has a power reserve of 50 hours.

Flying Tourbillons: Reserved Vintage IntricacyThe Badollet Ivresse Tourbillon watch is the second piece with a tourbillon. It's a very elegant and reserved timepiece. Ivresse, which means "intoxication" (in French), is a name that fits this high-end watch with a hidden flying tourbillon. The timepiece is not overly decorated, but it still looks great. It has a rectangular case, a curved profile, and a navy blue dial, with a solitude chapter circle. Eric Giroud, a Swiss designer of products, created the highly aesthetic watch that has a simple but charming appearance. The manual-winding mechanical caliber, with its hidden flying tourbillon carriage and the delicacy of vintage watches, was designed exclusively for Badollet.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches The caliber oscillates with a frequency of 18000 vph, and has a power reserve that lasts about 5 days. The caliber, which has a flying tourbillon hidden inside it, is housed in a platinum housing (30mm wide by 53.8mm long by 12.3mm) that provides a basic water resistance rating of 30 meters. The watch from Badollet is priced at slightly more than $200,000. It features a platinum housing with a blue leather band that matches the dial, and it has exemplary technical excellence.